Hi everyone!
Ok, I know, it is not a major topic to be extended but Hey, I did receive so many questions about the recipe for these biscuits that I think I have not other options then share the recipe and make everyone happy.

The concept is easy, follow the recipe.

  • 700 gr self-rising flour
  • 300 gr plain flour
  • 300 gr butter or margarine
  • 250 gr white sugar
  • 150 brown sugar
  • 50 gr organic cocoa powder
  • 5 to 6 eggs large

Ok, honestly speaking this is it.

I do generally mix all the dry ingredients by hand before, ( only because I make a 4kg batch a time), If you follow the recipe a standard mixer should do the trick, use the paddle, not the hook.
Add the butter or margarine, let it go until completely dissolved in the flour, I always use it from room temperature because of the simple reason that I love to have my milk solid 100% emulsified with my fat, during cooking this extra element won’t let you gain a greasy mix to work, and also you will be able to bake your biscuits straight after the craft avoiding that extra resting time in the fridge that, otherwise, would be essential.
Ok, I think most of this is clear for everybody, at this point you can also (optional) choose to add any sort of chocolate chips (100gr) for baking but be aware to use only good one.

make a hole in the flour/sugar/butter mixture and add the eggs, It really depends about the size of the eggs, the freshness, the humidity in the flour if you’ll need that extra egg or not, however, a wet mix can always be fixed adding a touch more flour ( but I do not recommend it)

As for a scotch finger’s mix, once you introduce the “water” part ( the eggs) try to work the mix in a relatively short time as this will avoid an excess of gluten to be created in the dough, and the end result will lead in a more aerated, light biscuits.

Ok the mix is ready, the abstract:

  • mix flours/sugars/cocoa
  • add the butter-keep the mixture cold”ish”, mix until totally incorporated
  • add the eggs, mix Just until needed to create a dough.

Turn the oven on at 180C, while waiting for the oven to reach the right temperature start portioning your biscuits with an ice cream scooper or (like me) one by one, 70 gr each.
Lay on a tray a sheet of baking paper, roll the biscuits into balls and make sure there is at least 2 cm space in between each other to avoid them to bake one on top of the other.

 Flat the top of each biscuit and sprinkle some granulated sugar on top before the actual baking process.
The biscuits will bake for about 20 minutes, you can tell it is ready by the sugar that starts to caramelize on top, make sure to interrupt the cooking not far after that point.

I hope this is clear and that anyone who asked about it is going to master this recipe without problems.


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