Well well well…
Here we are again ruining some myths and overlapping some legends.
Why pressure cooking in 2018?

Some of you may rely on the traditional cooking or on the easy and clean sous vide technique.
There are a few interesting reasons why pressure cooking does a great job that will be hardly achieved with other techniques.
The reason is in the evaporation and the high temperature.
In the pot, the octopus will reach between 120c to 130c and because of the pressurized enviroment, there is not evaporation caused by the rough boiling.

In many starred restaurant the process, refined by the use of particular ovens, is well in vogue and utilized to cook practically everything, from bones to shells, to meat and veggies.
The same successful process that seems to be great for the sugar’s caramelization and the Heston Bolognese is also great for those kinds of proteins that will benefit from high temperature and a little loose of water.
While pressure cooking an octopus, above spices and flavours that are absolutely personal the most amazing ingredient that we will be able to utilize is the cooking liquid…
Of course!

polpocottoBy cooking in the pressure cooker, not extra water is needed to make a succulent and moist Octopus, that is why the few essences released will be full of humors and umami taste.
I like to use it to make a sort of emulsion out of it mixing together mustard, oil, and rosemary essence.

Put the octopus in any pressure cooker, better if electrical because there will be less mess, especially at home.
Once everything is in the pot, do not add any liquid.

Close with the lid, turn it on, wait for the whistle to lower the heat to a minimum, then cook for about twenty minutes.
The cooking times depend a lot on the size of the octopus and it is indicative, at the end of cooking open the lid (wait until it will be naturally depressurised if you use the pressure cooker) and pinch the octopus with a fork to see if the cooking has reached the desired level, otherwise, prolong it.
Allow the octopus to cool in the water you will have released.
The octopus prepared in this way is tender, tasty and fragrant.polpo2

There is a very old saying in Italy about Octopus:
“Il polpo cuoce nell’acqua sua”
“The octopus get cooked in its own water”.

Let’s respect the traditions…?!

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