pasta dough

It’s a familiar name but for many people out threre, the meaning behind this 5 simple letters is a mystery, especially when we talk about fresh, handmade pasta.
The reason behind this is simple, I suppose many people nowadays have no time to invest in the art of some handcraft food, that’s why fresh pasta is always an easy pick in supermarket and restaurants.
many restaurants buy their pasta already made from specialised suppliers, however…

Some hardworking chefs out there would not accept this as a compromise, that’s why you have a few great places where to eat your fresh pasta.
I leave dry pasta for the one who can really effort to buy a good quality one, which is possible to get in specific food stores for the respective very high costs here in Perth.

Fresh pasta is not an enemy to beat but is a Taurus to master, that’s why there are few simple tricks that I’ll be happy to share with you.
Fresh pasta dough can be made from any kind of floured existent product, the most common one is made with wheat.
Fresh pasta can be made with egg yolks, egg whites, a mix of both or none of them, the most common one is the mixture of egg whites and egg yolks.
Fresh pasta can often have the addition of any fat, stable at room temperature, the most common one will be olive oil.
Fresh pasta may also have the addition of salt, spices, herbs, colours, flavours extract, the most common version has just salt.
Now we know, generally talking Fresh Pasta present the following:
00 flour/whole eggs/olive oil and salt.

There are soooooo many videos out there showing you how to make it with no tools.
Get a recipe and try out, there are no set recipes, it depends on the feelings, the flour, the size of your eggs and so on…
There is only one detail that I’m glad to discuss with you today and is the salt and the oil.
Seems a little thing but those ingredients individually or combined together assure that the pasta will gain the right elasticity and the right mouth feel after the whole job.
Adding molecular density to a mixture of water/proteins/lipids and gluten with a logical scheme.
This is true, the reason is quite complicated to explain, you can find a better understanding of it following this link and doing the actual Harvard course.
However, long story short, those two brilliant ingredients create a strong and tidy gluten net that will make your pasta to become a smooth and neat creation.
Practice is the key to every success.

ravioli close up-2

2 thoughts on “Pasta

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    1. What I do is already considered as freelancing in most of the contests out there.
      However, after 15 years behind the stoves and keeping in mind that now that I’m 30 and I never stop studying and keeping my self up to date with most of the discovery in referred food science studies, well, freelancing is an ok option as long as it is remunerated.
      Self-investing my self, well, I never say no, for the right purposes and the right conditions.
      Every time I do take a job I do commit my self well beyond what is generally requested simply because I do what I love.


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