Here we are.
It hurts me to be constricted to swap from Italian to English but this change is a natural consequence from the demands of the few people who follow me and would like to have a more clear picture of my posts.
After many years with a free WordPress account, I did finally move to a more fancy one. I didn’t want to, but WordPress tempt me for so long and at the end, I did give up, and I’m proud today to announce the born of the official
Anyone excited?
I am!
This revolution, this evolution, of my needs is based on many things that are happening at the moment in my professional life.
After many years working from low budget family restaurant to fancy crap shiny looking environments, after a few months working as a Pirate, I’m finally proud to move on a new opportunity in the Core of Perth.
The new business will open mid-October and will be pumping 7 days a week.
Once we get the keys and the lights and gas is on I’ll give you more details.
For now, get ready and stay tuned we’ll show you something magic.

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